First story, now crafting. TOR, you had me at ‘Hello’.

15 12 2011

If you are one that doesn’t mind the min-max style spoiler that comes along with this kind of thing, this article over on Darth Hater is a good overview of the various crafting “professions” (called “companion skills” in TOR) that exist in the game. They look very interesting in that the missions probably contribute something small to your story; i.e. they are even more quest content. Personally I’m thinking my consular will go:

  • Synthweave, so I can get all gussied up;
  • Slicing, so I my first character can be my bank-roller;
  • Diplomacy, for two reasons (zomg sub bullets!):
    • — it makes thematic sense for my light-side consular to engage in diplomatic missions;
    • — reportedly it allows you to speed up the rate at which your alignment (light side vs dark side) grows and shifts, something I am very much interested in.

The more I read about this game, the more excited I get.

EDIT: Apparently the CSV for this theme I picked doesn’t support sub bullets? WTF. I haxor’d it.




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