Gold farming exists because…wha?

13 12 2011

According to this Massively writer:

“If players feel compelled to buy gold, it’s because somewhere along the line, the design has failed at being fun.”

That is the second most concise and unfounded assumption I’ve seen today. It has merit, make no mistake, but I’m not sold on it. It fails to consider how lazy players can be, slash the entire reason the F2P market exists at all. What I am definitely not sold on is the first most concise and unfounded assumption I’ve seen today. This bit of contemptuous anti-player rage-crap right here:

“Player animosity toward gold-buying and selling is a bit harder to understand. Ultimately, I think it boils down to the fact that some people like to meddle.”

Let’s set aside this wide-sweeping slanderous generalization for a second here and really cut to the chase. You are omitting one very fundamental component to gold-selling, sir; one so fundamental that I’m wondering if you’ve every played an MMO with gold sellers in it in your life. I mean, I thought it was a safe assumption that virtually every MMO-writer these days has World of Warcraft on their resumes between the dates of 2004 and “two-thousand-and-now”…but maybe this writer played on a derelict RP-server with General Chat turned off or something.

(Forgive me if I seem a bit crass or pejorative, but this little riff of his got mah dander up. Also, forgive my wide-sweeping use of italics in this post.)

If you’ve played an MMO since the advent of gold sales, you know precisely why gold sellers emit so much fury in players. It is simply this:


Did you miss that message in General chat? No worries, they’ll spam it one bazillion times. Did you actually leave general chat? No worries, they’ll spam you with PMs one bazillion times. Sure, you can Right Click-Report, but even doing that gets aggravating after you’ve done it the twelfth time in a day. Possibly the writer is a paramount of patience, but I believe he’s actually a gold farmer.

Of course, these are possibly oversights on his part? (SARCASM: Who can rightly expect a professional columnist to do his homework these days?) Nevertheless, I’ve come to expect far better legwork from Massively writers over the past few years now, so when presented with a “HAHA PLAYERS R STUPID” post, I responded in kind.

That author asserts that game design and meddling players are the problems.

I assert that there are likely factors he has not considered. Like who his target demographic is.




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