My Sith warlord will fall to the Light Side.

12 12 2011

So, here’s the thing. I have an issue. It’s a personal one and one that I both accept and encourage within myself. I enjoy off-roading with my game choices: making choices regarding game play and character progression that break me out of all pigeon holes except one…the underdog position. This is true, because

  • I find up-hill battles very appealing.
  • I like seeing content that most don’t.
  • I like to feel that my experience has unique qualities to it…you know, so I have something to write about.

Now here comes the Old Republic: a game that I’ve harbored a little plan for. It’s a plan I want to share with you, in the vain and fundamentally silly hope that it may prove contagious.

I want to play a Consular, as I’ve said. Of course, that character will not be my only champion…as I really want to see as much of the KOTOR-esque story-focused content as I can. Thus, I will also play a Sith warrior. A Dark Force wielder. In particular, I will play the Sith warrior caste member in such a way that he “falls”. I will play to maximize his light side points.

Why would I do this? Plain and simple, I want to see what Bioware has done with it. I’m sure the whole Jedi-falling-to-the-dark-side thing is all flushed out and will happen a lot (it’s en vogue to play a “Path of Corruption” these days, no?) but I’m willing to bet that the Sith-falling-to-the-light-side thing is just as flushed out. And what could be more rife with conflict and tension than that story arch? When Jedi fall, you get exiled or – in some special cases – memory-wiped. When Sith “fall”, well they want to try and kill you. And how fun would it be to be a Sith – leveraging Sith training and equipment – harried at all sides by your own. Sure, Sith will try to kill you regardless…but I’d like to see the dialog involved in them chewing me out/berating me for being weak…while I hack their faces off in a vehement, violent, albeit graceful way. (I’ll just be civil about it.) I am pretty sure you can’t change sides (i.e. switch or get switched from Sith to Jedi)…though that would be AMAZING. I’ll be content with being a renegade with some weird quest content unlocked to me for my strange choices.

Erickson said at one of the PAX Q&As I witnessed that we won’t gain Dark Side points for being snarky…only for evil actions; i.e. if you say you’ll kill the puppies but actually save the puppies you can hide from your dark Sith Master that you’re “falling to the light side”. Whether I will be snarky, I’m not sure. But will I be a disturbing, misunderstood pariah/anti-hero? Yes, please.

If you can’t stomach the idea of saving puppies with a horrifically disfigured, tattooed, and terrifying-to-behold Sith warlord, well…you can do so vicariously here, starting probably sooner than I like to think.




One response

29 02 2012
Nuts Chua

Hi! Just stumbled through to your blog, when I typed in Light Sided Sith. I’m currently leveling up a SW alt, and wanted to go LS with him all the way. I know I’ve made a great choice, and I’m super excited about the stuff that I will experience. My main’s a healer and and a T5 LS Jedi COnsular, decked out now in an assortment of Rakata and Columi, so basically, I’m just waiting on raids now, but really find myself wanting to experience everything this LS SW thing has to offer. I find myself RPing a lot in my head as I play him out, to a point of wanting to start a guild of like minded LS Sith and naming it something like “Sheep in Wolves Clothing”(although a little less obvious than that) and Imagining that the guild is some sort of Deep undercover agents, trying to change the Empire from inside into a force of Good or atleast, equality and fairness. Currently, Empire screams Nazi(and it will be forever so i’m afraid, but atleast in our minds we did try to change it, hehe) Hows it for you so far? Hope all is well and you’re having a blast! More power to you and will be certainly be browsing your blogs more often now. Cheers!

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