Faction turmoil? Yes, please.

8 12 2011

Things like this are what’s got me excited.  The focus here is story and this game seems to be packed with it.

As is my custom, I’ll be playing a utility character (the kind that can heal and sometimes tank, given dual-spec-like ability) and what better way for me to do that than to be a Consular. I played a Consular for years in the Star Wars roleplaying game (the d20 version, not the charming-but-rugged West End version) and dig the whole pensive-thing, especially as a force-wielder. All of that is very fortunate (or perhaps simply kismet) for me, because the tension between the Jedi and the Republic sounds very interesting to me. I have no doubts that Bioware will do some fun stuff with it.

And if I may add, even investors are looking forward to it. You know, in that reserved, “hedging their bets but still making the bet” kind of way.

Gettin’ excited.




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