So it happened.

7 12 2011

So I heard through the grape vine that WoW added appearance modification. An “appearance tab” if you will. I’ve been bitching about this since time immemorial, and as part of my raving I often said (and, in my passive, burning rage, I shall paraphrase myself here):

“Would it kill them to let us take stats off of gear we get and plug those stats onto gear we like the look of?”

Turns out it would not kill them. But the only time they’d do it, of course, is the time when they would consider it to be profitable over other things…like, say, generating more non-combat pets, making those non-combat pets fight, and making a new race that looks like a giant walking non-combat pet. Their target demographic is very clearly not people who give a rat’s ass about what their characters look like. Until, you know, something comes along which actually poses a threat. Rift didn’t scare them, but perhaps this does.

Check this out.

What’s this, you say? Out of the box I’ll be able to rip characteristic and ability mods out of items and plug them into other items that I think look cooler? And they’ll level up and thus be useful for very long periods of time? If not for the character’s entire career? My green items will be useful til end level? OUT OF THE BOX, YOU SAY? Huh. Why would you do that? Well, from that linked article, I gathered two things:

  • They put a lot of thought into it.
  • They did it because people liked it.

Naturally, suggesting that  Blizzard doesn’t do things because “people liked it” is folly. However, when Bioware gives us customize-able gear and Blizzard gives us big walking  panda bears I do know, without a doubt, which target demographic I fall under.

Now, hand me that light saber.




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