Skyrim Update 1.3 has dropped.

7 12 2011

It’s on Steam, anyway. Link.

I toughed it out up through Saturday but watching even my Nord tanky paladin guy get two shot by a frost-breathing Elder Dragon found me taking a break from the game, waiting silently for the patch that I knew would come. As an added bonus, they fixed the book shelves. 🙂 That was a minor pet peeve of mine as well.

Here’s my personal favorite part:

“We’re also planning on rolling out support for 4-Gigabyte Tuning (Large Address Aware) next week for our PC users. Stay tuned!”

To be fair, I have noticed very little in the way of performance issues; but any improvement is a welcome one. Provided it doesn’t break more stuff. 🙂

Not that the break wasn’t otherwise warranted; I’ve spent a lot of time in Skyrim of late. Minecraft is always a welcome diversion, and my first experience with an Unbreakable Efficiency Diamond Pick Axe was everything I could’ve hoped for. The amount of stone I farmed with that thing was delicious. I’m running extremely short on coal after having smelted over a thousand stone brick blocks, but their explosion resistance means Creepers that detonate right on top of the wall will have remarkably little effect on it.

This game has improved in leaps and bounds.




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