Star Warz?! She’s a comin’!!

30 11 2011

My first title for this post was something like “A long time ago” and then I realized “That’s not very unique, Thade,” so I moved on to something less original and more unique.

Once you’ve processed that obvious paradox, we can continue on to two fun updates this week I’ve seen regarding TOR that I wanted to share with you all.

Let’s start with the first one: check out Werit’s new project, a site that aggregates all things TOR for your viewing convenience. He’s calling it the TOR Nexus. Go get sucked in.

Second, Syp’s article here regarding TOR surnames caught my attention. (It’s a good article, as you might expect. Go on and read it. I’ll wait.) I’m excited to get surnames because I always viewed my toons as being related somehow…by marriage or adoption or something…in whatever game, because, well, how can you explain why alts will ship each other awesome stuff constantly without ever seeing each other and barely communicating otherwise? That’s got “family” written all over it. I’ve actually long ascribed to Syp’s philosophy: pick a short, preferably three-letter, single-syllable nick name (five letters works, right?) and make it a part of each of your character’s names. For instance…

  • Thade
  • Thae
  • Thaedronomus
or, in WoW
  • Sharsilius … undead priest
  • Sharsilicius “Shar-si-licious”…was a female blood elf paladin. “Licious”. Moving on.
  • Sharthing “Sure thang” … female blood elf rogue. Blonde.
  • Shartruse. Okay, I never did this, but it’s just an example.
What I’m saying is I’m already prepared for last names for alts. I’ve been preparing for it my whole life.

Bioware’s pretty good about making their games both fun and accessible. (That’s quite an understatement, no?) Bit early to sound off the QQ alarms. Relax, people. As Syp said, “It’s just a name. It shouldn’t be stressful.”




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