Regarding DOTA 2

30 11 2011

It’s not for me. DOTA 2 and LoL are technically in the same genre…a topic we’ve had discussions about before on this blog. What does it mean to be in the same genre? Well, as I’ve said before (ad nauseum) it means keeping around good ideas.

DOTA 2 is bringing back things like:

  • Creep and Tower denial: you only get gold for killing a minion if you strike the last blow. Already in LoL your teammates can – purposefully or otherwise – kill-deny you. Now in DOTA 2 (like in DOTA 1) your opponents can do this as a tactic.
  • Secret shops. Some items you just can’t buy unless you go to one (or both I guess) of the “secret shops”  which are not at all hidden in the undefended corners of the map. That’s right…to get your upgrades,  you have to fight for them. In addition to fighting with the atrocious shop UI (which is forgiveable…I mean, it is beta).
  • Spam-tasticness. Virtually every ability in LoL has a cooldown associated with it. This is not the case in DOTA 2, where you are restricted only by your mana bar.
  • Town Portal Scrolls: in LoL, every champion has the Recall power…hit the “B” key and teleport home in 8ish seconds. In DOTA 2, this is a purchaseable resource.
  • The map in DOTA 2 is smaller than the map in LoL…at least I thought so. Seems to me to be sensible, since you can’t just Recall to base whenever you want to.

Honestly, I’m disappointed. These, to me, are not genre-defining. They are genre-defying. Valve doing this is…well, let me explain via hypothetical metaphor:

Call of Honor 9: Halo Can’t Reach is due out in stores on Monday. This new game will Bring Back Teh Hardcorez! No more voice-communication! No more reloading! Health packs everywhere! NO JUMPING!!”

Riot made LoL a much more user-friendly experience than DOTA was; I’m honestly surprised a lot of those qualities weren’t ripped off for DOTA 2 because, in my opinion, they are now genre mainstays. DOTA 2 could leverage some Valve assets by building VOIP into the game; that’s an addition. Restoring creep denial isn’t adding anything more than frustration. I guess if you’re into that sort of thing, that’s cool.

Valve, for FPSs, you’re the tops. As for Arena/Action RTS…I’ll stick to Riot. ❤




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