Sanguinare Vampiris

18 11 2011

I contracted ” Sanguinare Vampiris” and only realized it when a Whiterun passerby commented that I looked remarkably pale and asked if I was well. I checked for diseases and saw this bad boy…one thing stuck out to me. The phrase “This progresses to vampirism.”

How long had I had this? I’d fought a lot of vampires recently. How long do I have?

Do I want to be a vampire?

I decided I wasn’t ready for that kind of a step (something I mildly regret) and so used a Shrine to cure it. Today I risked a tiny spoiler by skimming (taking care not to read too much) the Vampirism page on the Skyrim wikia…don’t follow this jump if you don’t want spoilers: jump.

Here’s the spoiler light summary: the host of powers is staggering but it looks like a pain to maintain.

Next time I contract it, I might let it run its course.




2 responses

18 11 2011

Uh oh, people have been saying the same to me. Who can diagnose it in Whiterun?

18 11 2011

You can self diagnose! It’s under Magic, Active Effects; the name will appear in red! Shrines will cure it (if it’s early, anyway…can’t speak to whether it’ll fix it later, tho there are apparently ways to remove it even in very late/final stages).

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