skyrim crash to desktop chillwind

17 11 2011

It’s a weird title, I’ll grant you, but that very text string has been one of the methods people have google-stumbled onto my site this week. “skyrim crash to desktop chillwind”. It looks even less weird to me because (perhaps not ironically) I myself have experienced this crash. It’s very frustrating, especially if Aela the Huntress is the first Companion you choose to take a job from. It prevents you from becoming a Circle member (as you can’t complete the quest).

The bug is annoyingly easy to reproduce: if you’re in Chillwind Pass, you have extremely high odds of a fast and seemless crash to desktop. The further in you are, the higher the odds. I did a bit of digging and I found that:

  1. This seems pretty common, so likely they’re aware of it and a fix is in short order;
  2. There is a functional – if annoying – workaround.

Try this. Before launching the game, hop into options, drop it down to Low settings, and kick into Windowed Mode. It was charming (or aggravating) to play through that pass in a tiny window, but there are like three mobs in there. It’s tiny and not that painful. At least it works. 🙂 Hope this helps those of you who are searching for this!




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24 11 2011

thanks for this…was very annoying.

27 11 2011

Thanks for the help, windowed mode did it for me

29 11 2011

Yep I did that search to lead me here but didn’t add “to desktop” thanks tho I’ll try this to get through it. It’s funny tho, People used to always condemn the Gothic games over the Elder Scrolls because of small bugs. But Skyrim has more bugs that I don’t see how can be called Small, than all the gothic games and Risen combined! I also like Risen better than Skyrim and can’t wait for the sequel! It’s probably the best RPG I’ve played. I’ve gone back to replay it in fact while playing Skyrim and there’s just so many things I like better from combat to spellcasting and crafting. Enemy AI is so much better too and a seemless open world!

24 02 2012

This advice helped me. I was able to get to and complete the chillwind quest. However, I am still unable to complete the Blessings of nature quest because I cannot get to the eldergleam sanctuary. Whenever I get close, I get the CTD. It does not matter from which direction I approach it, crash, everytime. Even at super low res in windowed mode with everything set to the lowest settings possible. I was hoping this was a common bug and would be resolved with a patch, but so far, nada. So frustrating. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

28 02 2012

I’m afraid I haven’t seen this behavior; were I in your shoes I’d both try the typical stuff (which it seems you’ve done) and do a lot of Googling, leveraging synonyms (CTD, crash-to-desktop, crash, hang, broken, frustrating, etc.). Could be the companion or the guy that wants to follow you there and interrupt you is fitzing something up. Could be one of a bajillion variables, sadly; the game state in games like that is extremely complex. It’s why it’s so prone to quirky problems…and why constant saves are a must.

What is also sometimes a must is the ability to buck up and re-roll to get around issues that otherwise would prevent a play through. 😦

1 03 2012
nathan cross

Thanks, I have an interesting new development.. I installed the game on a different computer, loaded up my saved games and tried to get to eldergleam. It crashed as usual ON A DIFFERENT MACHINE! Then on that new machine, I turned off cloud-sync and started a brand new game. I then was able to travel to eldergleam with no problems. It must somehow be related to my particular game save files. I dunno how that is possible, but that’s how it seems. I’m tempted to start a new game on my main computer, but I don’t want to lose my progress. Hmmm.

2 03 2012

This doesn’t actually surprise me. I can’t emphasize enough how stupendously complex the game states for these games are, meaning that the saves are going to be large and intricate structures. The kind one could easily get lost in. Something, somewhere in your game state is confusing things…which you’ve more or less demonstrated by reproducing the issue on entirely different hardware. (Let’s leave rigor aside for the moment and applaud the application of science. It’s good and we like it. 🙂 )

Were I in your shoes I’d do two things. First, I’d weigh how long it actually took me to get me to that point the game and whether I wouldn’t mind reliving it; then I’d realize there’s other paths I could’ve chosen for other earlier events that would tell a different story.

I saw most of the content in the game and played three “partial” play throughs to do it. My “paladin” (big beefy ‘lightside’ Nord) played through the Dragonborn story line, negotiated peace, and saved everybody he could. My thief/assassin did lots of things the Paladin could not (would not) do. Finally my mage alt became leader of the mage’s guild and saw all of that story. Between the three of them I’ve seen almost everything in the game and I felt no time was wasted (very little overlap between them). Some food for thought. ❤

18 03 2012

Put it on low details and windowed mode but still crashes to desktop soon as it loads my game.

19 04 2012

Sorry this didn’t work for you, Yeebok; even sorrier that this issue has persisted this long after launch.

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