Let go, Luke.

14 11 2011

So, of all weekends to be invited to the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, this was an awkward one: sick girlfriend, Skyrim release, and an all-day Saturday Warhammer 40k tournament (three matches: draw, win, big win!) but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers. And it turns out, it was more than sufficient for me to get a taste of the game.

Some may feel that three nights and two days is less-than-acceptable for a beta invitation, but frankly I have no interest in leveling up anything only to have to re-experience the leveling game again in a month when I get a real license for this incredible-looking game. It really is looking like it’ll be KOTOR 3 through 14 with multiplayer; I didn’t see anything lacking before and I still don’t now. I admit I didn’t enjoy how canned the intro movie felt (each class being shown off) but I did enjoy the Jedi Consular introduction. I’m looking forward to it and I don’t wanna spoil it.

Quite possibly a buzz kill for those of you wanting big reveals, but honestly I only played it for Friday evening and like an hour on Saturday. I see it as a steady solo game, which – as MMOs go – is very interesting to me. Some people are complaining that they fear the “end-game” will be lacking. Given that the current end-game meta is “ten or more people getting upset or raging over the mistake or wife agro of a single player” and “we don’t yet have Boss Fight A on farm”, I really don’t care. I’m in it for the journey. Given that it’s Bioware, it’s bound to be a good one.

Also, Skyrim.




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