Conan ain’t got nothin’ on me.

14 11 2011

NOTE: If you found this post searching for the chillwind pass crash bug, go here!

I took a personal day on Friday because I really needed an extra day for my brain to cool off from work. In doing so I hopped on Steam and saw virtually everybody playing Skyrim. Then I received an email from a co-worker needling me for taking the day off, which was “obviously to play Skyrim”…and with that prompting I bought it and did in fact play it. All weekend long.

This game is everything I loved about Fallout 3 and Morrowind all rolled up into one; the only thing missing is GNR. (Man, I miss that radio station.) I am the lone wanderer of Skyrim. I couldn’t help myself; I am a Nord (a viking). A very large man with a very large beard. I took mage as my tag skill and then slowly, steadily, easily settled into a hybrid. Like Morrowind, the “class building” is very organic: use a bow, get better at it. I snuck everywhere and used the bow because I liked it, and now I sneak my way through keeps, stealth-killing with bow and dagger almost every bandit I find. I also have an impressive array of destructive magic at my command, as well as a 2H hammer (one that Turns Undead just for being in my hands) and have gotten handy with a 1H axe/shield combo. Turns out if you shield bash a dragon in his face, it interrupts his whole I BREATH FIRE fandango.

This game has excellent replayability – I can see it already – but is held up by the same thing that held up multiple playthroughs in Fallout 3. I cannot believe they still omitted this seemlingly trivial facet of character juggling: all of your saves are in one big pile. They didn’t think to break saves into subfolders based upon character. How can they not take this note from the likes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect? I don’t know. I can mitigate this myself by taking notes with pen and paper (i.e. what save #s are most recent for what characters) but this kind of bookkeeping really is a game-side thing. C’mon, guys. Of all oversights you might be taken to task for, this is easily the most embarrassing for you. I mean, really? Really? 😦

To be fair, the game play is so awesome that I’ve become happy to overlook this. Doesn’t mean I won’t complain about it here though. Add this in a patch, okay? (Like you’re reading this…or anywhere else I might “post a suggestion”. Maybe I can file it as a bug. 😛 )

The game is purely awesome. If you enjoyed Morrowind or Fallout 3, you will love it. I will say that I bought the game far too early: it’s a bit prone to fast and seamless crashes to desktop. Happens roughly once an hour or less. Chillwind Cavern is particularly bad; if I’m one particular part of it for any amount of time, the game reliably crashes to desktop. No error messages or complaints of any kind. Just poof and I’m out of the game. I tried bottoming out my video settings; maybe I’ll turn off SLI for that one part, just to do it. How annoying though.

All small things that they’ll probably fix though. The game is fantastic. It ate virtually all of my weekend (minus the TOR test Friday evening – which was framed with Skyrim – and taking care of my girl Sunday wee-hours when she was super sick) and will continue to eat my time, I’m sure. I will gleefully raid tombs and bandit fortifications, taking whatever isn’t nailed down, slaying any who dare stand in my path. Heroically, of course.




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