The Long Silence

1 11 2011

TOR comes out in late December, but given that “them thar be holidays” and the first month is always bug ridden (as millions of people pay to stress-test your servers, Bioware) I will probably not get a license for myself until mid-January at the earliest.

Listen to me! What am I saying? Am I saying that I’m not hell-bent around a game release?!

Well, yes I am.

I’m pretty excited for Diablo 3; that I may buy straight off the shelf, when it comes out…next July or thereafter (projected for Q1 2012).

In the meantime I’m building and maintaining a breathing world for a DnD campaign I’m running. For the first time ever I mapped out a world where the roads, rivers, and settlement placement makes sense given the lay of the land; even hammered out demographics and statistically adequate farm land to sustain what settlements I have down. The research for it alone was nerd-tastically fun.

This post – much like my poor blog here – is devoid of hooks or content.

I hope the rest of the mmo-blog-o-sphere is doing well. 🙂




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