I was apparently in the Star Wars Beta.

30 09 2011

Well, that’s news to me. I got two emails from EA/Bioware. The first said “We hope you’ve enjoyed your experience testing The Old Republic! Please take time to take our survey…” and the other said “Now that you’ve tested it, perhaps you want to Pre-order it!?”

“But,” I said, “I haven’t tested it.”

I went to the website and logged in to see my beta status.

“Congratulations!” it said. “You have completed the sign-up process!”

So…I’m not in the Beta. Well, that’s a semi-abusive bug in their system, there.

Sorry, Bioware. I was so busy making out with my awesome girlfriend, working at my sweet job, and spending time with my rad friends that I must have completely missed THE EMAIL I’VE BEEN WATCHING FOR SINCE I LEARNED YOU EXISTED AS A GAME AT ALL.


ADDENDUM: Naturally, my experience here was not unique. My blog got a hit from a very telling Google Query. See for yourself: link!




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