25 07 2011

I’m right here, I swear.

I am playing Magicka and Revenge of the Titans…neither of which is am MMO, but they are very low in the time-commitment scale, which allows me to paint. I am painting two armies of miniatures. The first is my original space marine army, which I am “remastering”. I’m going over each model in the army and adding much needed detail work (which, after two years, is very welcome to my eyes). The second army is a new one: Grey Knights. I’m going all-out for a “Draigo-wing” (a very low number of 2 wound terminators with serious attitude).

I’m talking about Warhammer 40k, for those of you who are curious and don’t know. It’s a game that can get ludicrously expensive if you either 1. have kids, 2. don’t do most of your shopping on eBay, or 3. don’t have kids.

I still sub to Rift, but honestly haven’t logged in for two weeks. I don’t want to un-sub, but my desire to play compared to my lack of ability to fit it in with other games is something else entirely.

I have not yet pre-ordered TOR. I do intend to play it when it hits the shelves. Honestly I remember “early access” in other games being a painful debacle of waiting in log in queues and frequent server resets (volitional or otherwise) so I’ll just wait to start playing for a week or two after launch.

This Saturday I get to try In Nomine for the first time; reputed to be as much a morality play as a roleplaying game, I’m excited. Especially considering the GM: he’s a literary professor (in nerd culture…no joke) and he’s remarkably good at GMing.




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