13 07 2011

This game is the best $8 (steam-sale, included all the DLC) I’ve spent on a game in a long time. You’re a mage. You’re fragile and it’s easy to die or even kill yourself (I kept setting myself on fire with close range fireballs…fights get crazy). That’s the only bad stuff.

The good stuff is that you have eight “elements” at your control and by quickly keying up combinations of them you can wield  various magicks. There are few guidelines and some random combinations that are incantations…but otherwise you are expected to experiment and figure stuff out. I figured out that combining Arcane magic with Fire or Lighting (or both) makes a pretty devastating laser-like power; Earth + Armor on myself is stone skin, or on the ground is a wall…a wall that I can light on fire (Earth + Armor + Fire cast on the ground). I don’t want to spoil more. Go buy it, especially if it’s on sale. Just expect to die a lot; it brings back an almost old school Nintendo level of difficulty, made easier by the sheer fun and intuitiveness of the controls, as well as the humor…which is actually enjoyable. 🙂




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