22 06 2011

I’ve come to the conclusion that no post is going to make me entirely happy, so now I’m going to just dump whatever comes to mind into a post and see how that works out. I’d call it experimental (because it is), but using the word experimental is the kind of thing one does when one wants to sound edgy. I am not edgy. I’m just trying out something based on a hypothesis. My hypothesis is that it will not work.

I’ve been super distracted by Warhammer 40k lately (the table top game)…so distracted that I am going to now start yammering about it here in this blog. There will still be video game related posts; I’m just going to branch out a bit here so as to expose you all to new nerd things, possibly expanding your horizons in the process (edgy!), possibly rekindling my blogging drive. The drive waned in the wake of lacking contentment with my attempts at edgy posts.

I’m sorry you had to read that sentence. I didn’t like it either.

The word either there sounds better if said (aloud) “eye-ther” instead of the more canonical American fashion of saying it “eee-ther”; wouldn’t you agree? Regardless, I bet you agree that it is not edgy.

I am technically still playing (read “paying subscription fees for”) Rift and I’m still fond of it. Sadly I’ve only logged in once over the past week and a half. I could blame the weekend-long bachelor party camping trip that got rained out (in which I got to off-road through hills, tall grass, and mud with my RAV-4), the upcoming software release at work, or the sheer number of hours I’ve thrown into League of Legends, but really it’s all of those things. The camping trip was awesome, by the way.

League of Legends is also awesome. I have a handful of heroes I’ve gotten somewhat skilled with. Surprise, surprise: half of them are Support characters.

Kayle (pronounced “Kay-lee”) is an angel (literally, big pearly wings, beautiful silver armor, a dazzling array of blonde hair…yes I bought a skin for her) that has a slow/snare shot that does moderate damage, a small single-hit heal that boosts the target’s speed temporarily, an invinci-bubble I can throw on an ally, and the ability to ignite her sword and do MASSIVE ranged damage late game (with the right upgrades). Her massive damage can’t be done if she’s moving (she has to sit still and swing, she can’t move and swing): not so good against enemies, but remarkably effective at dismantling towers. What I’ll do with her is sit her near a tower we’re sacking as a team and while I sew support spells through the fight, I light up my sword and work on their tower. I end games with a lot of building kills. This character is the one I use the most.

Soraka is new on me. She does next-to-no damage but the amount of healing she will do is insane and I have to try very hard to burn her out of mana. She’s typically a goat-girl of some kind…but I skinned her as a Greek Goddess. Much cooler and worth the cash, in my opinion.

Karma is another favorite of mine. She does pretty good damage and heals the least of the bunch, but has a very good shield and a neat beam that “anchors” between her and either a friendly or a foe. Friendly anchors (including me) get speed boosts; foe anchors are slowed and take damage…and while they’re taking damage, I can rush around and hit other enemies (minions and players) with that beam between us and hurt/slow them all. She’s complicated to play but a good time. She can also push lanes like crazy all on her own.

If you don’t know League of Legends, those past three paragraphs were a waste of your time. I apologize.

You need to try it. It’s free to play. It’s the best free-to-play model I’ve yet seen. Play for free, earn Influence Points (IP). Spend IP to unlock champions that you can play whenever you want; otherwise just use whatever champions are set for free-play in the current week. IP also buys Runes (which you don’t want to buy until summoner level 20) which are a huge boon during your early game. Love the game? Spend cash-monies on it and you can buy champions and skins to decorate them with. You cannot buy Runes (or any kind of power) with cash-monies; only with IP. In otherwords, only longevity and success in the game will grant you more power.

Also, the community is uncommonly nice in the wake of the Tribunal-thing. Maybe it’s a placebo, maybe it doesn’t hold up in ranked play (I’m lv25 or so, not yet 30) but it definitely feels more friendly. People who are jerks for no reason are pretty rare.

In other news, I’m very likely going to buy several boxes of Grey Knights (models for Warhammer 40k) tomorrow evening…as well as a hardcover copy of the In Nomine rule set. I’m slated to play in the game of the latter; a system I’ve always wanted to try. It’s basically a morality play more srs version of Buffy the Vampire slayer, in which I get to be an Angel and pound the poopie out of Demons. That’s my kind of nerdery.

Playing in a pseudo judeo-christian mythos setting might count as edgy in some circles.

Yea, I failed to tie that together.





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