A writer’s block.

2 06 2011

Over the past two weeks now I have written and either scrapped or shelved literally a dozen articles, each with at least three drafts a piece. Each one of them through the ringer and into the circular file. I’m as busy as ever writing and, yet, I’ve never felt such a lack of productivity.

I wrote a few thought pieces on guild leadership, but they all hit close to home (I’ve lead three guilds now and the remnant stress of that job lays on me pretty heavy); they are either too long to be good articles or just didn’t sit well with me. I will eventually hit the publish button on one of them, but their citations/references to other people’s relevant blog entries are getting dusty.

Recently in Rift I’ve shifted over to my mage and I have fallen in love with it; head-over-heels. It is by far the most fun I’ve ever had with a caster in a video game. This warrants writing, but has stymied two things: my play-time for my melee healer, and – frankly – time I might otherwise allocate to publishing an article people might read. This is like a kick in the jibblies for my blog here, as the vast majority of the Google searches that lead people here involve the phrase “rift melee healer”.

I am starting to feel that I no longer have what it takes to pull what I perceive as my “weight” in the MMO blogosphere. Archmagery is a thing of the past; perhaps I am too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from throwing in the towel. Just explaining (as much to myself as to you) why I’ve been so quiet lately. And, maybe a little bit, I’m missing the old days.




One response

2 06 2011

No need to throw in the towel! We all hit that spot now and again. I’ve been going a couple months now with barely a dozen posts that come to me sporadically. Take some time to not think about blogging and get back to the gaming at hand. When something hits you, having a platform to hammer out your wordsmithery will always be here.

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