Penny Arcade plugs Rift.

26 05 2011

Gabe posts here that he’s enjoying Rift at a casual pace. Here’s my favorite part:

“We all got rewarded for the effort [of sealing a rift] but honestly the reward for me was an organic experience that I had not expected to have last night. I had just planned on grinding out a few quests but the world had other plans and I was happy to go along with them. For me this has been the real draw of the game.”

I could not agree more. “Organic” is an excellent way of describing it. You know, kind of like the way we’ve been using the word “dynamic”, only it’s a new word that isn’t yet laden with hate-mongering.

This is very good. It’s a nice break for Trion, in that the Penny Arcade guys have a tremendous amount of pull (and a tremendous reader base). Here’s hoping they get some additional subs from this.




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