The outspoken minority.

17 05 2011

I think we can all learn something today from a Rift forum post that was brought to my attention by Grumbleboom (doesn’t play WAR anymore, still breaks iron with his face). If you click that link, you’ll see a very typical style argument as an opener. You will glance at it and think one of two things:

  1. Holy crap, he is SO right.
  2. Holy crap, I can’t believe there are people like this even in Rift.
  3. Holy crap, what is Rift and who is this Thade guy?

Okay, so three things. I can’t help #3, but allow me to summarize for the other two, to save you some time: the OP is telling Trion that the game is too easy. His 10-man team’s ability to complete the instance in ย under an hour was unfulfilling for them. In the OP’s defense, perhaps Rift end game is too easy currently; “under-tuned” as they say in the business. This may get rectified in a way that pleases the OP. Then again, Trion may just add varying degrees of Hard Mode to it, just as they have with their other instances.

This isn’t why I’m bringing this to your attention. This is pretty typical and would otherwise have escaped my notice…except for this response:

Instead of having the desire to spend 5+ hours in a 5 man instance to feel some false sense of accomplishment, enjoy the content for what it is, fun and a little challenging… oh and when you finish your 1 hour long T2 5 man instance get out of the house for a little bit do something for that gf of yours instead of spending 5+ hours doing one dungeon.

Giving your gf attention instead of spending all that time sitting at your computer will be more rewarding in the end. Oh and if you don’t have a girlfriend GO GET ONE with all your new free time instead of spending more time complaining on forums that this game doesn’t occupy enough of your life.

just saying

A little harsh, but the message stands. I remember spending entire evenings in Molten Core and the like. Actually, I remember spending three to four evenings each week in raid instances learning the bosses, the events, and the way around, all in the name of farming for marginally better equipment. My favorite WoW raid ever was Karazhan, and only after we “got it down”, so to speak. Once my little tight-knight ten-man team could plow through in three hours, it was a *blast*. Fast-moving, fun, and HEY LOOK AT THIS FREE TIME I CAN SPEND WITH MY GIRLFRIEND. Or your children.

Yea, that’s some game design that should be more pervasive. Yahtzee relates WoW to a “natural disaster” for all of the man hours it’s killed and the effectively abandoned mothers and children it’s left in it’s wake. Let’s chalk up a point for Rift for giving us fast dungeons.

If you don’t agree with that, make sure your girlfriend doesn’t see you shaking your head. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coming up: all the thoughts I’ve been compiling on leveling as a melee-centric healer, and notes on my new fascination: the Chloromancer.




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