29 04 2011

“I don’t get World of Tanks. Blizzard charges $15 a month for their game and there is one hundred times the content in it than Tanks, and they expect you to pay nearly that much to play with only two of your friends at a time?”

I’m stumped as well.




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29 04 2011

It’s all tanks, all the time!

While that should be explanation enough I guess it’s a matter of taste. I don’t feel like I’m only playing with 2 people because the clan has around 100 on at any time and we are active on teamspeak.

I know we say MMO’s allows us to ‘interact’ with many people, but outside of your guild who do you really hang out with? Most clans will get a few platoons up (consisting of 3) and do countdowns when joining ‘random’ battles. You will often get several platoons in a single match- sometimes on the other side which can be fun.

In terms of content, ya, Blizzard may have more but tbh it’s not my cup of tea so I wouldn’t pay them $1 per month to play, never mind $15! WoT is free, as well, and if one of your mates has a premium account (roughly $12 per month) he can invite anyone. If you all don’t join a clan (mine is recruiting-plug-plug) then 3 friends can chip in $4 and play together. Join a clan (which costs nothing) and someone will have a premium and you can play with them.

Additionally if you don’t like lobby-based arena pvp you won’ be playing this one. We have a mix of MMO-players, FPS players, and people who are history/war/tank buffs. Tournaments and training keep you in touch with more people at once (15 per team) and clan wars will involve larger scale skirmishes.

It’s all a matter to taste……

30 04 2011

Yea, definitely; this is completely subjective.

$4 each was our plan when we set out to play, but there are four of us…so this seemingly arbitrary restriction was kind of a game breaker for our little team. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed the hardcore nature of the gameplay and I have some fond memories of hammering foes from extreme range in my T-57.

Still, $12 a month for lobby-based play is not going to hold them as a game in the long-haul, I feel. Not when games like Starcraft or any of the FPS Medal of Halo games offer similar lobby-based shoot-at-each-other games for $0 a month. It is the *only* game featuring accurate depictions (or really, any depictions) of WWII tanks, and it does this quite well. It has that going for it, but I think they’d be better served to use a Heroes of Newerth model (buy a game license, play for free, but acquire new tanks only by lots of playtime or paying cash-monies; also decorating tanks with “skins” could net them bank, as previously discussed).

All a matter of taste, as you say.

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